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We create brand narratives


Our services include brand strategy, content creation and production. We like to play with different creative styles to fuel our inspiration and find new ways to tell your story, whether it is a music video, a 1960’s inspired story, an influencer online series, a journalistic documentary or VR content.

But most of all, we want to have fun doing what we do. We enjoy the relationship as much as the work. So, let’s write a fabulous story together.


Fabien, f

ounder & executive producer

Fabien equally masters the film industry and the art of Taekwondo. He gained his experience observing and assisting storytelling masters such as the directors Sam Mendes (Revlon), and Romain Gavras (Adidas). Fabien has worked on over a hundred feature films, high-end commercials, and music videos. Once production is over, he puts his digital advertising skills at work. Aside from teaching Taekwondo on the weekends, Fabien is an avid vinyl record collector.

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Edward, founder & creative director

The world is always in motion with Edward! Filming, digging out new places, people or incredible stories, he spent over 10 years traveling the world and producing documentaries for broadcast television. His journalist brain gives a unique edge to the way he approaches an audience, branded content and storytelling overall. When he’s not camera in hand or mingling with the crowd, Edward is sailing around New York City and playing the piano to his little one.


Jennifer, consulting producer

Looking for a new way to tell your brand’s story? Trying to attract a different crowd? Let Jennifer help you find the most effective way to communicate emotion, knowledge, and ideas through a unique storytelling as she constantly has her pulse on some of the most exciting visual narrative happening in art, culture and social media today. Her 10-year career in broadcast journalism and documentaries lead her to shoot all across the US and abroad, creating content in many forms and lengths with an eclectic tribe of politicians, CEOs, average citizens, convicts and artists which is how she became a master in profiling and interviewing. Jennifer is also a genius organizer and cost-killer project planner.

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Sebastien, head of

VR production

Sébastien Hameline is a camera and lighting expert. He has worked with world renown cinematographers such as Roger Deakins, Christopher Doyle, Mauro Fiore and more. Sebastien has worked as a trusted VR producer on projects such as Lollapalooza, Coachella VR live Stream, Hulu On Stage: Phoenix, Le Musk, Pacific Rim 2 VR experience, Galantis & Born to only list a few. He thrives to build a story beyond pure aesthetics.